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Linea cottage
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Water sports in the Issos beach
Issos beach is blue and is suitable for families and is also suitable for surfing and sailing.


Other beaches ideal for water sports
Halikounas beach : Surf, kite surf
Issos beach : Sailing, surf
Paramonas beach
Santa Barbara
Marathias beach
Gardenos beach
Megas horos beach


Horse riding
Magic moments in Corfu, combine your holidays with horseback riding. Ride in the beautiful cedar forest of Korission Lake, between the beaches of Halikouna and Isos.


Corfu has fantastic submarine spots, ideal for diving, is one of the few islands with so many to explore under the water. There are many diving centers on the island that offer equipment and organize safe dives in some of the world's most beautiful underwater locations.


In the Corfu trails
Experience the unique nature and old settlements of the island on foot or on the bike. Pantokratoras, South Corfu next to the Korissia lagoon to the cedar forest, Paleokastritsa area, North Corfu to the Antivioti lagoon are all amazing routes that will fill your holidays with unique pictures. On our island there are dozens of walks for hiking and bird watching in the beautiful lake of Korissia.